Gooseberry Beryl: Description of the variety

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One of the most popular culturesin the garden areas - gooseberry. It is not only delicious berries, but also very useful. Of course, there are problems with harvesting, the most frequent is inconvenience, since the bushes are prickly, and you can severely damage the skin. Now there are many varieties, the thorns of bushes which are not so sharp, among them - gooseberry Beryl. Description of the variety, photos and reviews of this berry can be seen and learned from this article.

History of breeding

Beryl is a relatively young variety of gooseberry. It was deduced in the seventies of the last century, and it was able to create it on the territory of the USSR. Samorodok and Malakhit were selected for breeding, Beryl obtained the agronomist V.S. Ilyin, and he, in turn, continued the case of A.P. Gubenko, who was engaged in breeding new plants, and on his account many successful varieties.

gooseberry beryl

Description of gooseberry beryl

A medium sized shrub of this variety, up toheight. Its advantage lies in the fact that there are few spikes on the shoots, most often they are solitary, they are in the lower part of the bush, they are directed downwards, that is, it is difficult to scratch them, but it is still necessary to wear protective gloves when harvesting. The crone is extensive, dense, the leaves are large, painted green. The leaf has five blades, along the edges there are large, pointed denticles, there are no pubescence, therefore the bush beautifully shines in the sun.

The shoots of the plant are curved, their apex is down. Petioles are medium in size with a small edge. The flowers have a goblet shape, they are quite large, the inflorescence is two-color.

The plant is winter-hardy, does not need shelter,If the temperature does not drop below -38 degrees in winter. But the variety has its own shortcomings, it is not resistant to diseases, the most common is septoriosis.

gooseberry beryl description

Characteristics of fruits

Gooseberries Beryl, the description of which is producedin this article, is a sort of average aging period, berries are ready for collection from the middle of July. The fruits are not too large, the average weight of one is four grams, the maximum weight is nine grams. For a season from an adult bush it is possible to remove up to ten kilograms of gooseberry.

Fruits are not pubescent, they are smooth. The color is light green, the skin is firm, but thin, easily eaten. The taste of the berries is sweet-sour, refers to dessert varieties. They are very refreshing, juicy. Storage and transportability are good. Due to dense skin, fruits can be transported without damage. Photos of gooseberries Beryl are available in our article.

gooseberry berry

Soil preparation

The variety is absolutely undemanding to the ground, it cangrow and bear fruit even in the poorest soils. Only, it will not grow in a wetland or acidic land, it must be neutralized.

The place for planting should be selected from the sun, fromThis will determine the quality of taste and the size of future fruit. Planting is recommended in early spring, or in the period from mid-September to mid-October, while the soil is warm, but the plant will not have time to root out the roots to frost. Young roots can freeze, as a result, the plant will die.

In advance it is necessary to prepare for planting a plantpits. They should be about forty centimeters deep, as much in width and length. Next, in each need to add fertilizer, this is a bucket of compost, half a kilogram of fertilizer complex, about two kilograms of wood ash. Mix everything with the soil, then you can plant the bush. It is worth remembering that organic fertilizers can be introduced only at a spring planting, in the autumn it should not be done, since for the winter they contain many insects that can damage the bush.

gooseberry beryl Description of grade


Plant the shrubbery vertically, without a corner. It is placed in a prepared pit, watered, sprinkled with prepared soil with fertilizers and ash. The root neck should remain on the surface for five centimeters. After that, again, well plant the plant, around should dig a trench so that when watering the water does not spread. Further the soil is recommended to mulch with peat or sawdust, they retain moisture, do not allow weeds to grow.

If planting occurs in the fall, bend the bush,cover it with a warm cloth before the onset of cold. If you landed in the spring, then the shelter will not be useful, just bend, so that the snow densely covers the bush and keeps it from frosts.

Further Care

The variety of gooseberry Beryl is quite unpretentious, butexperienced gardeners know that even with the most tranquil nature of the plant, a proper care is necessary, it will allow to achieve the maximum harvest. In the spring, you need to unburden the bush, this procedure will avoid the appearance of diseases.

Weeds not only take away nutrients,but also carry a variety of diseases, so weeding is simply necessary. During the summer season, the soil around the bushes need to be loosened at least five times, it should be done carefully, so that the tool does not damage the roots by accident. Annually it is necessary to prune the bush. All shoots, which are more than four years old, must be cleaned, weak, sick and dry branches are also cut off. Three times a season you need to feed bushes with complex fertilizers.

gooseberry beryl

Advantages of the variety

Gooseberry Beryl is endowed with a number of qualities that are higher than those of other varieties.

  1. The variety is ideal for Siberia and the Urals, as it is endowed with high frost resistance.
  2. Rarely exposed to powdery mildew and fungi.
  3. High quality taste.
  4. Self-fertilized variety, it yields high yields without pollinators.
  5. Few spines, and they are located safely for humans.
  6. The berries are quite large, they are easily transported.

In berries of gooseberry there is a mass of vitamins andminerals. Taste qualities of Beryl allow you to use berries not only in cooking when preparing compotes, jam and other preparations, but also to consume them fresh. What is so useful for fresh gooseberry?

Beryl Gooseberry Photo


The curative properties of gooseberries have been known since time immemorial, it allows:

  • Eliminate violations in the work of the digestive tract.
  • Remove edema, as rich in potassium.
  • Toning the body, normalize the metabolism, if you drink fresh juice from berries.
  • Normalize blood pressure.

In addition, gooseberry beryl is an easy diuretic and fructifying product. Also, it has a lot of vitamins!

Gooseberries Beryl: reviews of gardeners

There are always a lot of comments on the web forvarieties, which can be based on selection. Gooseberry Beryl is recommended by nine out of ten truck farmers, and they write that this is one of the best varieties. We estimated high yield, unpretentiousness. They write that the berries are very tasty, sweet, slightly sour, but in moderation. A lot of feedback from the Urals, where it is rarely possible to achieve a high crop due to the harsh climate, where the summer is rainy and sunny, and winters are frosty. They write that even under such conditions, the bushes themselves feel great, pleasing with a plentiful harvest.