Interpretation: a tattoo on the arm, on the leg, on the back, on other parts of the body

Spiritual development

Tattooing is a manifestation of a brightindividuality. It carries in itself a message to society, which can not always be deciphered. What does the picture on the skin promise in a dream? We will talk about this in this article.

dream book tattoo

Female dream book

A negative interpretation of such a dream offersa woman's dream book. A tattoo in a dream is a harbinger of possible troubles that can cause a sleeper to leave his home for a long time and go on a long trip. If you dream of a tattoo on other people, then in the near future you will become the object of someone's unreasonable jealousy. Doing a tattoo in someone's dream means quarreling with your friends. Probably, your vagaries will alienate even the most devoted comrades.

Dream Interpretation of Freud

A peculiar interpretation of sleep gives thisauthoritative dream book. Tattooing is a symbol of total employment at work, which causes the sleeper to put his personal life on the secondary plane and suppress all his sexual instincts. A psychoanalyst advises such a person to get distracted from business and look around - the world immediately shines for him with new colors. If you are struck by an unfamiliar person whose body is covered with tattoos, then you like someone from your friends, but he can not understand in any way whether his feelings are mutual or not. Apparently, you are stopped by certain stereotypes that you can not overcome. If in a dream you saw that an artistic tattoo is being applied to your body, then in reality you do not have a romantic touch in the relationship with the partner, between you everything is too simple and everyday. Discuss this topic with him, and soon everything will change for the better.

dream book tattoo on hand

Сонник XXI века

We continue to understand what the picture looks like onskin. Traditional interpretation of this dream gives a modern dream book. The tattoo on itself is dreaming of trouble, which can cause for a long time to leave the house, on others - to a fit of jealousy from the side of his lover. To do in a dream a tattoo means in reality to lose friends who will tire of tolerating your quirks and strangeness.

Wanderer's Dreambook

Common stereotypes are seen ininterpretation, which is the given dream book. Tattoos on the body - the image of criminals, shocking pop culture and everything that can be connected with this. But how will this affect the future fate of the sleeper? Can he become a pop idol or suddenly be behind bars? The Wanderer's dream book does not answer this question.

Esoteric dream book

Deepens into the nature of the human psycheesoteric dream book. A tattoo on your back, leg or other part of your body indicates your discontent with your appearance. If it is applied in front of the sleeper, then in reality he can quite change himself. And a tattoo on the body can indicate that you have special abilities that you definitely need to develop in yourself.

dream book tattoo on the back

Spring dream book

In this dream book it is written that a tattoo in a dream portends a stupid trick.

Autumn dream book

What is claimed about our sleep autumnDream Book? The tattoo symbolizes an unpleasant situation in a dream. Its probability increases if the sleeper sees a person covered with tattoos from head to toe. In addition, a tattoo in a dream portends to a person the emergence of circumstances that could spoil his reputation.

Summer Dream Book

If the sleeper saw a man with a bizarretattoo, then in front of him waiting to get acquainted with some celebrity. In addition, tattooing can dream of legal proceedings, and putting it on oneself in a dream means getting under investigation and finding yourself in prison.

Modern dream book

Modern ideas about the world andevents in it is guided by this dream book. The tattoo on the arm in it is a symbol of an enticing but empty sentence. You can promise "golden mountains", and then forget about it. Among other things, you may incur losses due to this unprofitable transaction. A dream in which the sleeper sees a tattoo on the hand of another person, testifies to jealousy on the part of close people. And yet this dream portends conflicts and troubles connected with your ambiguous attitude towards others.

dream tattoo on the body

Tattoo on the arm

Interpretation of dreams is not always related to the fact thatsays this or that particular dream book. A tattoo on the arm, for example, in many people is associated with the implementation of all hopes and plans. She points out that this time the sleeper will go according to plan - he can start a profitable business, get in touch with an influential person, make a trip to a distant country. If this lucky sign was not on your hand, then you are dreaming of a potential winner, who should be invited to the partners. This interpretation of sleep offers people a spontaneously formed "people's" dream book.

Tattoo on the leg

Tattoo on the leg is a sign of future difficulties andobstacles in the implementation of the plan. This dream indicates that certain circumstances hamper your further progress. It is worth to carefully look at the figure on the leg - perhaps it encoded the symbol of this unknown obstacle. In addition, the dream in which a tattoo on the leg appears indicates that the sleeper is in a position to search for additional motivations and incentives. In this case, he will not be hindered by a small trip, even if he is ready at the last moment to abandon him.

Tattoo on the belly

A tattoo on the abdomen is an enterprise with a medicalpoint of view, risky. That is why a dream about her entails participation in some dangerous event, the consequences of which can turn out to be the most unpredictable. A dream interpreter advises to be more cautious and to refuse actions that can cause real harm to human health.

Tattoo on the back

About the habit of turning to people with their backsthis dream testifies. He also points to the imprudent behavior of the sleeper - he may seem to people unnecessarily callous and closed or, conversely, be too trusting and spineless. In addition, the dream of a tattoo on your back is a harbinger of the appearance of an influential, but a little strange patron, behind whom you will feel like behind a stone wall. In general, the interpretation of this dream is ambiguous.

dream book tattoo on the leg

Now you know what you can dream abouttattoo. Such a dream always indicates bright and fateful events in the life of the sleeper. And with what they will be connected, will help to interpret other details of the dream. Be happy and enjoy your dreams!