Lapbook for preschoolers with their own hands: templates, a master class and interesting ideas


Lapbook for preschoolers - amazing and veryIt is a useful aid that has gained its popularity in our country relatively recently. What is especially nice, it is possible (and necessary) to make such an evolving game with your own hands. What does a laptop look like and what does it look like?

Developing book with an individual character

Lapbook for preschoolers
Lepbuk is a training folder devoted toany one topic. Such a manual is produced in the home and necessarily with the help of a child. The secret of the laptop in its design: it is appropriate to use a variety of pockets, additional spreads, "windows" and other interesting design options. Lapbook for preschoolers can contain not only a summary of the basic knowledge of the chosen topic, but also additional logical and creative tasks. This "game" is perfect for single viewing or studying in the company of children. And most importantly - making a laptop is not difficult at all, and this process will surely entice the whole family and give only positive emotions.

Materials and Tools

Lapbook for preschoolers templates
It is most convenient to do laptops from cardboard foldersfor documents. But if you do not have one at your fingertips, you can choose the usual sheet of cardboard as the basis. As for the internal design, option two: or you all draw and glue by hand, or cut out the printouts made on the printer. Each of these options is good in its own way, in the first case, the scope for fantasy is unlimited, in the second with all the work you can cope much faster. How to make a laptop for preschoolers using a computer and a printer? Templates can be prepared in any graphics program. We bring to your attention a ready-made sample, which you can also use in your work. And yet, if the child is large enough and independent, it is much more interesting to make lapbooks with their own hands, using only colored paper, cardboard and various decorative elements. And do not be afraid to do something crookedly or not accurately, children tend not to pay attention to such little things and appreciate the manual work of many more adults, regardless of its quality.

Choose a topic for visual aids

Lapbook for pre-school children
Materials for creativity prepared and waitingyour hour? Well, it's time to decide which topic your first development folder will be dedicated to. The advantage of this type of benefits is that it can be devoted to absolutely any topic. You can collect in one folder a brief summary about the animal and plant world of the forest or meadow, or devote such a visual outline of a particular profession. You can also make a laptop for fairy tales for preschoolers, for some particular animal or thing. The possibilities of training folders are almost limitless, make such a manual about the types of geometric figures, the structure of the universe, the history of the state.

Lapbook for preschoolers: a master class with step-by-step instructions

Take the cardboard folder, the inside of itglue with colored paper or cardboard. Now is the time to start preparing the filling of our Lepbuk. Very well, if inside there will be both general data in the form of a brief summary of the topic under study, and tasks for independent work. For example, if you are doing a laptop on SDA for preschoolers - make cards with the most important rules and put them in a separate pocket. Separately prepare tasks - riddles on the chosen topic, some not too complicated tasks. It is most convenient to lay out the cards in the pockets pasted to the base. You can also use other design options - fold a rectangular sheet with an accordion, make paper houses with opening windows, envelopes, use a two-dimensional double-sided scotch in order to select individual elements. Do not forget to decorate the cover as well - you can stick a beautiful printout on the chosen theme, draw a picture or make an application on it, and for "kids" who already know how to read, an "adult" book cover with a name will do.

Examples of filling

Lapbook on fairy tales for preschoolers
When you open a standard folder of cardboard from youtwo or three A4 sheets are obtained for filling. What kind of teaching material should be placed on them? Lapbook allows you to collect in one manual a variety of options for developing classes for preschoolers. For inspiration, you can see the board games and workbooks that your child already has. Depending on his age, it can be such tasks as "collect a pair of two cards", puzzles, elements for coloring, counting material, "find differences". Do not forget about the logical tasks and riddles - offer the child short stories or rhymes, after listening to which you will need to give the correct answer. Lapbook for preschoolers - this is a colorful summary. Organize the basic information on the chosen subject, using diagrams and pictures, lists and tablets.

Secrets of the design

Lapbook for preschoolers master class
Many mothers doubt whether to attracta child to work on a laptop or is it better to present him with a finished folder as a surprise gift? It's up to you, but, as practice shows, absolutely all children like to make crafts in various techniques. And yes, let the ready allowance look not perfect, but after all its purpose is to teach the child something new and to carry on for a long time. Therefore, if possible, be sure to make a laptop not only for the child, but also with it. An interesting idea for those who decided to use printouts from the printer: choose black-and-white outline drawings that the daughter or son will color themselves. Try to use for the decor of your useful crafts various techniques - let the Lapbook be decorated at once with appliqués and drawings. You can glue in and not too voluminous decor, for example, figurines made of fabric, flat buttons or sequins.

How to work with a laptop?

Lapbook for preschoolers with their own hands
Fully framed developing folderit is recommended to dry well during the day, after which you can begin to study with it. Lapbook for preschoolers - the manual is not only incredibly useful and interesting, but also universal. With such a folder, a child can be engaged alone or with friends / brothers and sisters. Filling a folder can be easily viewed, revealing all the pockets and secret pages, or doing all the tasks, repeating the facts. And what is most pleasant - a laptop for preschoolers, made by oneself, truly individual, on its pages you can take into account and reflect all the interests of your own baby. Given the low cost of crafts and the speed of its manufacture - try to create a home collection of developing folders about everything in the world, and in the future your child will surely amaze you with its versatility and flexibility of thinking.