Eagle: how to draw a majestic bird

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If on earth unconditionally reigns among theAn animal lion, then the sky, no doubt, is ruled by the eagle. This bird symbolizes greatness, courage and vision. In ancient times it was considered divine. That is why in heraldry is often used is the eagle.

how to draw an eagle
How to draw this proud bird? The structure of the body of the eagle is somewhat different from that of other birds. An impressive wingspan and a formidably curved beak give him undeniable distinctiveness. Consider how to draw an eagle, in stages.

Basis of the sketch

Take a simple pencil and with a slight slopedraw a smooth curved line with a shallow depression in the middle. These are the future wings. Under the hollow we will depict an oval, which will be the body of a bird. Do not forget to observe the proportions: the body should be smaller than the wingspan. Above the line of wings, in the place of deepening, draw a circle - the head of the eagle. Draw the wings, having drawn the line to the right from the center of the oval to the upper contour of the wing, we will do the same on the left side. From the bottom of the oval we draw two lines of the tail and smoothly connect them in a semicircle. On its background, under the oval, we represent hooks-the future feet of a bird.

how to draw an eagle

We supplement the sketch with details

On the bird's head, draw a triangle withrounded corners - a beak. The tip will make the carnivorous bent down. We will form a soft transition of the body oval to the circle of the head to make a neck. Let's make the contours more distinct, remove the extra lines of the base from the eraser. The figure already clearly shows the eagle. How to draw more subtle details? Create feathers on the tips of the bird's wings. On the head, draw a horizontal dash and draw an eye on it.

how to draw an eagle in stages

Finish drawing

We adorn the underside of the wings and tailzigzag lines. We will divide these objects into segments and in each of them we will draw vertical lines of feathers. "We'll lower" the neck of the bird with a small zigzag. Now it remains to shade the body of a bird with a black pencil. We will not paint the head and tail, we will create transverse dashes on the eagle's legs bent in flight. The Lord of Heaven can be depicted against the background of sparkling mountain peaks. Drawing can be painted over by applying watercolor, gouache or oil paints instead of pencil hatching.

how to draw a two-headed eagle

"Portrait" of the majestic bird

A close-up of the eagle's head is also not drawntoo difficult. In the base, too, will lie the oval. He will determine the shape, size and position of the head, it depends on the position in which the eagle will be depicted. How to draw a beak? He will go a little to the oval of the head and cover it. Draw curved lines along the descending curve and connect them at the lowest point. On the beak, we draw the lower part of it and small oval nostrils, which will be located closer to the head. Erase the excess lines.

how to draw an eagle

Eyes - a mirror of an eagle's soul

This is the most difficult stage in the image of a bird. The eagle looks at the world with majesty and majesty. How to draw an eye to make it live and expressive? Along the head oval we draw a horizontal line, then mentally divide the oval into three parts and in the front third we will cross the horizontal with the vertical, indicating the place of the eye. Draw a circle, in it - a smaller circle (pupil of a bird). To the pupil acquired a lively shine, we shade it, leaving a small white speck - a highlight. At the top of the eye, we draw a dash, extending it to the beak and slightly shading from below to give the view depth.

how to draw an eagle

Proud profile

Down from the oval we will draw smooth lines of the neck,carefully draw the feathers on it and on the head. Finish the image by adding shadows. The ability to draw an eagle profile will help to solve the problem of how to draw a double-headed eagle. Here you can do without the main scheme without adding animating strokes and shades. It is necessary to mirror only one more profile and use the technique described earlier in the image of the body of a bird.